Eight Immortals

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It has been said that various oriental philosophers, alchemists and tantrists during the turnings of the Wheel of Ages eventually ascended their mortality and would become immortal to serve the August Personage in Jade as advisors. The beings, collectively renowned as the Eight Immortals (their individual names are unknown) that make up this body are silent about their mortal existence, but some of their disciples, the Wu T'ian, believe that Lao-tzu was among those that achieved ascendance to the Throne of Heaven itself, where the August Personage acknowledged them as his foremost servants. Some Wu T'ian like to think that some of the Eight Immortals are former Wan Xian, indicated by the sorrow in their eyes when the errant Wan Kuei are mentioned. Whatever they are, they are a mystery to everyone not native in the Heavens.

Their combined power is said to rival even those of Osiris, but as the Sixth Age draws nearer, their power wanes more and more, as the August Personage makes himself ready to step down from his throne and the Demon Emperor is coming.


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