Eidolon, or Genius Eidolon, is a term used by Technocrats to describe the concepts of Essence.


Operatives of the Technocratic Union refuse to accept superstitionist babble about avatars and essences. Such concepts are merely the archaic excuses for perfectly understandable psychiatric phenomena. Still, even the most hardened scientists must accept overwhelming evidence, so the concept of Eidolons – constructs of a person's Enlightened Genius – remains an open secret among Technocratic personnel.

For all practical purposes, Eidolons and Essences are exactly the same thing. But in the world of Mage, perception and belief are the foundations of reality. Thus, a Technocrat or former Technocrat will utterly deny the existence of a metaphysical soul essence. Reality Deviants may have their silly little soul-faces, but a good Technocrat knows what such things really are: wisps of imagination wrapped around perfectly sensible expressions of Genius!

Even so, Technocrats do not like to discuss these wisps of imagination. Oh, it is acceptable to mention one's dreams upon occasion, but a Technocrat who discusses dreams as if they mean something may soon find himself in hot water. Dreams, then, are where Genius Eidolons run wild. If and when such phantasms manifest in clear view during waking hours, a smart Technocrat will keep such fancies to himself if he knows what is good for him… which, of course, he does.


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