Egothha was an ancient Gangrel native to the lands around the Black Sea much before 1200 BC.


Few things are known about Egothha, except for the fact that he (or she) is one of the characters in a tale circulating among Gangrel elders. In the Gangrel Things it is said that the war between Cimmeria and Scythia was exacerbated by a conflict among three Cainite broodmates, all childer of the same Gangrel sire.

According to the story, the brood’s sire found fault with the two elder brothers and exiled them to the west; the two of them fell upon Cimmeria and built up influence there. The younger son, by contrast, truly was probably more capable than his brothers, and aided the mortals in building a powerful nation. Cimmeria and Scythia fought several wars, Scythia winning the majority of them.

While the elder brothers took to the field of battle, the younger brother stayed out of the fighting. Eventually Scythian soldiers forced the elder siblings into torpor, and conquered Cimmeria. The younger brother himself vanished from the world stage well before the rise of Rome.


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