The Egalitarians are the Trolls who believe they were created as the equals of the Sidhe.

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Despite the name assigned to this faction, they are not all democratic advocates. In truth, they differ from the Traditionalists in only one pervasive point. Specifically, they believe the Tuatha de Danaan were the progenitors of all fae, but that they created both the sidhe and the trolls at the same time and intended them to be complementary. The Escheat is of particular importance to them, more so than most, for it is the code that gives both the position of the lord and the commoner meaning. Also known as Leandreans, they take great support from The Chronicles of Leander, which clearly supports this perspective, and is seen as the first proponent of it.

This belief is quite popular, definitively second only to Danaism. There is danger, however, in the way this belief is implemented. Some trolls take it to mean that, of all the races of fae, only the sidhe are their equals; everyone else is beneath them. Following this belief to its end, they end up no better than the most haughty of the sidhe, who look down their thin noses at every other kith. The trolls, though, have a reputation among, and an obligation to, the other kith for fairness. They would be foolish to throw that away merely to be closer to the sidhe.

It is worth noting that there are sub-factions in this belief that all fae were created whole and that no one kith is inherently superior to another. Similarly, some believe that different Tuatha de Danaan created the various kith almost at random. These chaoticians are usually quite modern in their aspects of belief and behavior as well. As such, the are viewed with suspicion by many of their contemporaries.

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