Baron Edgewick is a Seelie Sidhe Grump of House Gwydion in the court of Tara-Nar.

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Professor Edgewick is a graybeard scholar and reformer respected among fae of most camps. He is High King David's chancellor and was also an advisor to King Dyfell. As such he is privy to many of the upper nobility's secrets, despite his relatively low title. He is also the tutor to the High King's heir, Princess Lenore. Although he often appears absent-minded or even foolish, he is one of Concordia's foremost thinkers and diplomats. His value as an "honest broker" often serves all fae well, as he negotiates difficult disputes between disparate factions. He is especially revered by the common kith (despite his association with Dyfell). He has earned their trust and friendship and is especially well respected by the trolls. He is even known to negotiate on David's behalf with the Shadow Court. Despite his popularity, he has several powerful enemies. Edgewick is a common fixture in the Parliament of Dreams and often outmaneuvers the machinations of the Beltaine Blade there. Duke Dray is known to be especially perturbed at having his carefully laid schemes defeated by a "mere" baron.

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