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Lady Edana is an Unseelie Sidhe Wilder of House Balor in Hibernia.



Revolutions need money, and since her return to the mortal world, Edana of House Balor has made it her job to find the necessary capital to support armed insurrection in Northern Ireland and a half-dozen other countries. Edana chose well when she selected a mortal body to house her faerie nature. As the heiress of a prominent Anglo-Irish family from County Derry, Edna Bayler enjoys the luxuries of the privileged class while secretly siphoning off portions of the family wealth to purchase munitions, weapons, explosives, and other supplies for her current favorite terrorist groups. In addition, her talent for fundraising (both in Europe and America) has benefited the Shadow Court as well, allowing its members to stockpile their own caches of specially made iron weapons.

A dark-haired beauty with a natural eloquence that enables her to charm others into giving her money and promising favors, she has become one of the Shadow Court’s chief recruiters and apologists. Those Kithain to whom she speaks find themselves longing for the freedoms and camaraderie she promises as members of the Shadow Court. Some have embraced their Unseelie natures simply to be allowed to remain in her vicinity. Such is her charisma that many believe she is in love with them, too — even in the face of proof to the contrary.

Clad in long skirts, peasant blouses and colorful shawls, she embodies the picture of Irish beauty. The skirts also conceal the deformity that is part of her birthright as a member of House Balor — a twisted ankle and foot. Wearing a special boot, she manages to move gracefully despite the slight limp she cannot hide and the slowness of her progress.


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