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The Earth Fronter Division (EFD) is a methodology of the Void Engineers that focuses on the last frontiers of Earth to tap them for the Technocratic Union.

They focus on the Spheres of Correspondence and Forces.


The EFD has its ideological roots in the Seekers of old. When the Order of Reason was founded, the Void Seekers were created from them and later joined with the Celestial Masters during the Great Housecleaning into the Void Engineers. Critics claim that EFD is responsible for the careless destruction of several miniature realms with their intrusions into previously unspoiled spaces of wild consensus and were complicit in several genocides conducted by European explorers on native populations.

EFD survived the Dimensional Anomaly relatively intact, due to most of their numbers being stationed on Earth. These continue their task unchanged.


Within the wider conventions, the Earth Frontier Division has the reputation of "mudballers", who hide from the dangers of the Void and the terror of the Gauntlet. This rift continues to widen as more and more fighters against the horrors beyond break down with PTSD and similar ailments and other conventions ask themselves why the EFD withholds its manpower from the fight in the Void.


EFD is divided into several sub-groups dedicated to the exploration of a specific territory.

  • Aquatic Exploration Teams: The Aquanauts pioneer the exploration of the Deep Sea. In the wake of the Reckoning, they are tasked with the construction of several new Constructs for the Union in remote places.
  • Cryogenic Specialists: The Snowdogs explore the regions around the polar caps. With the advent of global warming, the Syndicate has massively reduced their budget, much to their frustration.
  • Hydrothermal Botanical Mosaic Analysts: The "Weedwhackers" work hand in hand with the Progenitors to explore the rainforests left on earth. Recently, they have found resistance against further intrusion in the Amazon.
  • Inaccessible High Elevation Exploration Teams (IHEET): IHEET has the duty to catalogue the mountain regions of the world, especially mountain tops.
  • Subterranean Exploration Corps: The Groundhogs explore caverns and tunnels beneath the earth, hoping to find a way into the Hollow Earth spoken by some Sons of Ether.
  • Incursion Quantitative Analysis Teams (IQAT): These specialists research areas where the Dimensional Anomaly has breached into reality, including its effects on the local wildlife.
  • Maintenance and Custodial Division: Perhaps the most vital group, M&C is dedicated to maintain the bases Earth Frontier Division manages to establish in these hostile territories.


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