E Division is a branch of archons devoted to investigating matters of the occult and unknown phenomena that is beyond the experience of most vampires.


The newest classification among the archons, E Division - Enigma - was initiated only within the past several decades at the behest of Karl Schrekt, the former Tremere justicar. Schrekt was not responsible for naming the division, however; that honor was granted the younger Kindred who organized and implemented the plan, and he was moderately dissatisfied with the chosen title (he'd be even less happy to learn that many of the more flippant neonates refer to E Division as the "X-Files"). E Division's raison d'etre is the investigation of paranormal or unidentified phenomena that may threaten the Camarilla, but fall outside the general experience of the sect. This can include anything from fae or the new breed of "immortal" (about which E Division knows almost nothing) to truly bizarre and possibly unique horrors that lack both precedent and context.

Less focused on combat-related abilities (though still fully capable of holding their own against many opponents), most archons of E Division are investigators and detectives of the highest ability. E Division is made up primarily of young ancillae. They often focus their efforts on amassing a variety of useful skills and abilities rather than specializing in any given area, and make use of modern technology that elder vampires fear to touch. E Division operatives must be capable of reacting instantly to peculiar or unexpected phenomena, and are rarely given the opportunity to repeat mistakes. Most other archons do not accord E Division much respect, tending to look down on its members as the "babies" of their order. This attitude slowly changes on a nightly basis as the Camarilla discovers that more mysteries are left in the world than even their wisest members had imagined, and many stagnant elders grow thankful that some archons are already prepared to deal with such oddities.


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