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Dynamic magic, also referred to as true magic or awakened magic, is the form of magic used by the Awakened (mages).


For most of the twentieth century, dynamic magic was most commonly referred to as magick or "True Magick". After the Avatar Storm and the loss of most of the Council of Nine's Archmages, the term fell into disuse, with younger mages not so sure of the difference between their own magic and that of lesser magicians.

The terms described above are most often used by the mages of the Traditions to distinguish the true, dynamic magic of the Awakened from the limited arts of linear magic: the "hedge magic" of Sleeper sorcerers, which works within the dominant paradigm (i.e. that of the Technocracy). Since the formation of the Nine Traditions, magic has been classified into the nine Spheres; prior to this, each mystical Fellowship applied its own paradigm to determine the fundamental Pillars of magic.

Awakened Technocrats do not refer to their Awakened abilities as "magic"; instead, they use the term "Enlightened Science" for their effects.