Dylan ap Morgan is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder of House Gwydion and ruler of the Principality of Dyfed in Cymru.

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Dylan ap Morgan

As a mortal, Dylan Pritchett maintains a quiet existence as a marine biologist. But much of the time, he dwells as Prince Dylan ap Morgan of Dyfed in his grand pentre on the Pembrokeshire coast. Dylan has a troubled and uncertain life. The ghille dhu Celyndra shattered his vision of becoming high king of Cymru by predicting that if he ruled, a great curse would settle on the Land of Song and Companions. Thus, Dylan has waning self-confidence in his ability to make good decisions. He worries that if he tries to do anything, his land will crumble into ruins, people will die and so on. Dylan is sometimes so terrified of failure that he simply does nothing... which causes tongues to wag even more. Despite his lack of initiative, Dylan is a good man. He is a kind, generous lord to all the Kithain of Cymru.

Dylan's cousin Gwyn was the former prince of Dyfed; this noble sidhe saw his younger relative through his childling years and groomed him for rulership. Gwyn perished in one of the first battles with Lloyd Morgenstern, and Dylan has vowed vengeance on the Dauntain for this wrong.

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Fair-haired, tall and graceful, Dylan is a perfect sidhe prince. He wears simple but stately garments in his household colors of green and gold that enhance his blond hair and leaf-green eyes. He is quick to smile, slow to anger and bears himself with dignity and assurance at all least on the outside.

Personal Edit

Dylan carries a heavy, terrible burden he can share with no one. He's tried to learn some lessons from this loss, but the only thing he knows for certain is that the price of being true to his duty is sorrow. he wishes he could find a confidante, someone to share his heart and his troubles with, but thus far, he's been unsuccessful. He's a romantic sidhe, though, and perhaps hope springs eternal.

Treasures Edit

Prince Dylan owns a magical coracle that takes him anywhere, as long as his destination touches water. He also has a powerful sword that can raise seastorms, though he is reluctant to use this power because he cannot control it. His chimerical armor gleams gold, and he often wears a woven green and gold cloak that allows him to walk upon water.

References Edit

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