Durable Sandals are a level 2 Treasure of the Eshu.

Overview Edit

You scoff but these are a highly prized treasure among the Elegbara. They never wear out or require repair. They are comfortable and keep your feet warm and dry regardless of climate, and offer a small boost of energy while walking or running.

They are still most often found in traditional sandal form but variations have arisen: boots, sneakers, trainers, slippers, and even toe rings. Most adapt to match the voile of the wearer after a while until the blend in perfectly with the rest of the wearer's appearance.

Game Effects Edit

All Athletics rolls are made at -1 difficulty. The wearer may walk or run twice the normal time before making a Stamina check. Any Hopscotch or Quicksilver cantrips (see Primal) receive an additional success provided at least one was gained on the roll.

If the wearer has the Long Winded Merit, the Stamina Check bonus is negated (the merit itself provides better) but still gives the other benefits.

References Edit

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