Within the lies of the Abyss reside twisted mockeries of the Watchtowers that call out to mages who have forsaken their path in order to become a Scelestus. They collect the contradictions and taboos of Path mythology instead, and Joined mages use them as the basis for magical ceremonies. To join one of the Dur-Abzu is seen by many Scelesti as the first step to become a true follower of the Void. Every Dur-Abzu's inverted Watchtower, called a Ziggurat, embodies an aspect of the Lie that most relates to its natural Path, and with it the motive for nihilistic, selfish, and misanthropic philosophies that guide the Scelesti.

Where an Awakening is a series of trials that ends in wisdom and self-actualization, Joining is a journey of confusion and degradation that rips out the roots of identity—indeed, to complete the journey, the mage must defile her own sense of self, opening it to alternatives the way a wound exposes her to infection. One does not climb a Dur-Abzu but rather crawls through its mazy passages. In the end of an Abyssal play, the Joiner betrays something fundamental to their identity and emerges reborn in Paradox. Usually, the Joined takes a new Shadow Name after the events.

Known Dur-AbzuEdit

  • Amma-Su: a twisted mockery of the Primal Wilds; an endless city full of pollution and mutated lifeforms in an everchanging environment that bears no comfort, forged from the Lie of human dominance and duty to exploit all that is natural. Corrupt Thyrsus call to it by adopting the guise of cynical "plastic shamans" and using artificial magical tools.
  • Drugaskan: a twisted mockery of Pandemonium; a realm of complete silence and isolation, filled only by the mocking whispers of Ahriman, forged from the Lie that humanity is fundamentally wicked and damned to be alone. Corrupt Mastigos call to it through sensory deprivation and darkness.
  • Arallu: a twisted mockery of Stygia; a realm of endless decompostion, of rust and defilement, forged from the Lie of that nothing ends, and so there is nothing new, only eternal rot. Corrupt Moros call to it through invoking the name of its ruler, Ereshkrigal, and other gods and spirits who torture the dead.
  • Ao Sí: a twisted mockery of Arcadia; a land of broken promises, inescapable curses and thorny mazes, inhabited by evil fae who feast on rot and deceit, forged from the Lie that nobody can perdict or control future events, and so it is entirely reasonable to ignore all moral consequences. Corrupt Acanthus call to it through ruined oaths and stories of pointless tragedy.
  • The Deluge: a twisted mockery of the Aether; an ocean of blood covering devastated temples, inhabited by dark angels who taught humanity forbidden knowledge, forged from the Lie that the universe is a fundamentally horrifying and inhuman place where only the strong and selfish survive. Corrupt Obrimos call to it through eldritch lore and by emulating the angels' Nephilim descendants.
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