The Dulklorrkelorrkeng take flight above desert, mountain, and forest on leathery wings, searching for the soul whose needs call to them.


They stalk the dark of the Dreamtime, and the night is their protectorate: the strange and terrifying sorcerers of the Spirit Beings, whose frightening shapes belie their fundamentally beneficent natures.

Once they find the one whose wishes only they may grant, that person becomes their companion for all their nights. Should the dulklorrkelorrkeng and their companion meet in sunlight, their bond is forever broken.

Appearance & LifestyleEdit

Once, when the kinship bonds between the dulklorrkelorrkeng and their mortal kin were stronger, each had a perfectly matched companion. Now, that is no longer the case. Many make a living as freelance wish-merchants among other Spirit Beings, who regard them with equal parts scorn and fear, or among the European Kithain, who see them as a possible means of making peace with their angry cousins. The dulklorrkelorrkeng find diplomacy soothes their need for a protectorate, and have taken to the position with zeal.

The dulklorrkelorrkeng more than live up to their fearsome reputation as terrifying night-flying sorcerers. They stand tall and lean, and sleek as a blade, bearing the long faces and patagial wings of flying foxes. Few display any indicators of physical gender in their natural form. Their shapeshifting skills are such that they can appear as either male or female, or some combination of the two, when interacting with others. Frequently, they will take a shape pleasing to the unconscious desires of their companion, cleaving to their preferred aesthetics when granting their wishes.

Birthrights & FrailitiesEdit


  • Nightflyer: A dulklorrkelorrkeng may spend 1 Glamour to change between their humanoid form and the shape of an enormous flying fox. In flying fox form they may ride the winds to soar and glide long distances, and take no falling damage. Even in human form dulklorrkelorrkeng take half damage from all falls (rounded down). Night’s Children: A dulklorrkelorrkeng suffers no impairment due to darkness and can see normally so long as there is at least some light, though they still suffer the normal penalties for total blindness, and supernatural darkness may still affect them. Dulklorrkelorrkeng cannot botch Alertness or Kenning rolls.
  • Wishgranter: Once per session, the dulklorrkelorrkeng may use their Arts without Glamour cost to answer one wish for their companion. This must be a genuine desire on the part of the other person, not simply a “wish” the dulklorrkelorrkeng prompts them to say in order to skirt the Glamour cost. The fae may also use Musing, Ravaging, and other Glamour gathering methods, but only regarding their companion. A dulklorrkelorrkeng may only have one companion at a time, and breaking the bond triggers Banality.


  • Bound By Purpose: In order to be fully complete as a being, the dulklorrkelorrkeng requires a companion, a bondmate to act as their protectorate. If they do not or cannot find a single individual to fulfill this need, they may temporarily bond with a group or a cause as a stopgap measure. If, however, the singular bond remains unfulfilled, they eventually fade into forgetfulness of their true nature until infused again with Glamour. All Banality points gained are doubled while the dulklorrkelorrkeng is without any sort of companion; bonding to a group helps, but they still take an additional Banality point any time Banality is gained.
  • Dayblind: Dulklorrkelorrkeng dislike bright lights, and suffer a +2 difficulty penalty on all vision-related rolls while in daylight or areas of intense artificial light. This penalty may be reduced to +1 with heavy dark glasses.


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