Ductus (plural Ducti), is a title held by a Sabbat vampire who acts as the leader of an individual pack, which is more a position of honor than one of responsibility.


Much like gang leaders, Ducti lead through force of personality and fear, and one that oversteps their bounds is likely to be taught a painful lesson. While they tend to work closely with pack priests, the ductus is normally the one to call pack gatherings and assign duties to pack members that fit the group's needs.

This title is a highly subjective one, sometimes held by the meanest thug in a pack while acquired through merit or ritual combat at other times. The ductus decides logistical affairs of his pack, though the wise ductus gives careful ear to his packmates' voices. Some authority accompanies the title, but the Ductus who throws his weight around is likely to find his ass dumped unceremoniously in a trash bin, if not staked out to welcome the next sunrise.


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