The Duchy of Sun and Sand is a Fief of the Kithain in the Kingdom of the White Sands.

Overview Edit

Florida Flag
Southern Florida, including the Miami metropolitan area, has one of the most diverse changeling populations in the kingdom. A considerable number of commoners, displaced from other parts of Concordia (and, indeed, other parts of the world) migrate here, drawn by the area’s reputation for a carefree, relaxed atmosphere and the warm climate. To the fae residents of this place, the Endless Winter seems very far away. Fiona sidhe Duchess Carmen Juarez, the oath-sworn friend of Queen Morganna, rules this duchy from Caer Biscayne, a Spanish-style mansion in Coconut Grove. Caer Flamingo, the flamboyant residence of Queen Morganna, features pale coral adobe walls, an inner courtyard and pool, lush gardens, and some resident flamingos from which the freehold takes its name. A number of commoner motleys have holdings on or near the beaches and in the inner city. Regardless of their politics or courts, nobles and commoners alike assist when they can in protecting their lands from the Glamour raiders from the Fiefs of Bright Paradise.

References Edit

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