The Duchy of Sea Breezes is a Fief of the Kithain in the Kingdom of the White Sands.

Overview Edit

Florida Flag

Centered around the Florida state capital, Tallahassee, the Duchy of Sea Breezes combines populist leanings with gracious living, and attracts many commoners to its mild climate, college town sensibilities, and rich culture. The eshu storyteller, Johnny Mango, frequently visits this college town during his travels. He usually stays with the clurichaun Duchess Mairead Galway, who exercises her benign rule from her small freehold, Palmetto Grove, near the campus of Florida State University. A “scientific collective” of nockers, boggans, and a pair of redcaps occupy a small building they call Wizard’s Shed near the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, where the boggan, Lili Saltpeter, works as a lab technician.

References Edit

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