The Duchy of Goodwine is a Fief within the Kingdom of Pacifica that includes the Bay Area's wine country.

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Ruled over by the Duchess Aoibhell, this duchy is as languorously decadent as its ruler. It has attracted scores of satyrs from all over the world and they have largely overrun the place. Several Glades exist in the vineyards throughout the region where changelings lounge the summer months away eating grapes and drinking the fruit of previous harvests.

In a way, the Duchy is as isolated and decayed as the thronehold: Caer Lunara in Sonoma. It is an ancient, nearly-impossible-to-find early Californian villa with cracking stucco walls which has seen better days, though its huge reflecting moon-pool is still as beautiful as ever, and its wine cellar has a reputation for never running dry.

The Brotherhood of the Barrel operates Arcadia Winery in the southern portion of the Napa Valley. They have somewhat of a cult following among wine connoisseurs. They are very experimental and have been known to have as guests some of the world's foremost authorities on winemaking and grape-growing. By special arrangement with the duchess, the Brotherhood holds the winery freehold as a banneretcy under the control of their leader, by dint a knight in title. Arcadia Winery must tithe a portion of their output to the Duchess' own household in return.

A circle of nymphs have been sighted around the geothermically active zone in Goodwine. True to form, they stay well away from any satyr revels. They have been known to show up at Aoibhell's summer courts to make political demands.

It is said that a large, prehistoric chimerical grizzly patrols the northernmost reaches of the Duchy. The Duchess has offered a considerable reward for its capture; less for its pelt.

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