The Duchy of Finvarr is a Fief of the Kingdom of Pacifica.



Including the East Bay area of San Francisco Bay, the Duchy of Finvarr is a fairly dangerous Unseelie place. Despite the presence of its Duchess, Aoibhell, and Count Elias, wild commoner gangs still mostly control the streets from a chimerical perspective. Particularly active and chief among the outlaw changeling packs in the area is Ragger's Band, which consists of mostly Unseelie commoners. They prey on travelers through Oakhold County and the Wildlands in that area unclaimed and unpatrolled by Elias.

Richmond Freeholds & Glades Edit

The area of Richmond is notably lacking of freeholds, although there are a few small ones held by knights in the service of both the Duchess and Count Elias. In general, though, changelings call this area "the Wildlands," as a few particularly powerful chimera have escaped there and dwell in hiding. It's possible that a hidden glade is out there amongst the scrub, but none have been able to find one. Only Ragger's Band frequents the area.

Berkeley: Duchess Aoibhell's Prize Edit

Jealously guarded by Aoibhell, the jewel in her ducal crown is Berkeley. From the streets where activists shout their fiery slogans and cry aloud their propaganda to the intense intellectual coffee klatches she sponsors on a regular basis, Aoibhell uses Berkeley as her mental sharpening stone. Though she places both her mortal and fae self in danger each time she holds court there (due to the fractious forces who find harbor in both Oakland and Richmond), she finds it an interesting consideration.

Despite Berkeley's intellectual environment, there aren't many freeholds there. Those that are here have curiously been drained more and more frequently over the years, without warning.

Local Kithain Edit


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