The Krevcheski were a Revenant family of scholars with great fascination for clockworks and mechanisms of various sort. They betrayed the Tzimisce, joining the side of the Tremere and changing their name to Ducheski.


Like a maggot, the Krevcheski family has wormed its way through the noble houses of Eastern Europe. They are a scholarly line, little interested in politics except to advance the family's access to the learning of the ancients. Krevcheski maintain small, but heavily fortified, manses. These estates house expansive libraries containing classical works and the Krevcheski's own innovations.

The Krevcheski have a fascination with clockworks and mechanisms of various sorts. Krevcheski artifice has provided the Fiends with elaborate siege engines to resist their enemies' advances, as well as even more elaborate mechanisms to entertain those enemies following their capture.

The Omen WarEdit

The family betrayed the Tzimisce during the Dark Medieval, in the late stages of the Omen War. They aligned themselves with the Tremere, earning them the undying enmity of their former masters. Their name was changed to "Ducheski" but they kept many of their customs.

In modern nights, Ducheski Revenants are rare indeed, and some say the line is dying out after severing its connections with the Tzimisce who bred them so long ago. Rumours attribute a few crumbling manses to the family's holdings, mostly spread through Europe. It is here that they serve their new masters. Although a few Ducheski sometimes are Embrace into the Clan, the Tremere generally prefer to keep them in roles of subservience, making the number of Decheski-born Tremere incredibly low.

They retained their mastery of mechanisms, sometimes devising works of twisted da Vincian brilliance – though the purposes to which these machines are turned are almost always grim. To those elders who know of them, a Ducheski torture device or system of alembics is a sign of status, much like owning a piece of original artwork.

Supernatural CharacteristicsEdit

Before the Omen WarEdit

Family Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate

Weakness: Krevcheski are distrusted by the Tzimisce, and thus have only learned two family Disciplines instead of the normal three.

After the Omen WarEdit

Family Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate, Thaumaturgy

Weakness: Inbreeding has caused some birth and personality defects. No Ducheski can have a social trait above 2.



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