Depraved even by the standards and examples set by other Kindred, the Duchagne bloodline originated in 18th century France, and those belonging to it are obsessed with sensation, decadence and other pleasures of the flesh - all fleeting, and easily discarded for fresh and new amusements when they come along. Their unique ability is Licencieux, or les arts licencieux.


The Duchagne originate in the escapades the Vicomte Albaric and Vicomtesse Eglatina du Chagne in France. When not playing hosts to debauchery, the du Chagnes toyed with the affections of naïve youths in the Court, tempting them with deviant pleasures and empty promises of power and wealth. Their lifestyle attracted a Daeva, who thought that the pair would make lovely Kindred. Indeed, the du Chagnes prospered in the Danse Macabre, learning new ways to toy with emotion and losing themselves in their won self-gratification.

When the Revolution came, Albaric du Chagne and his sire were destroyed by the sun and Eglatina only barely managed to save herself by entering Torpor. When she rose again, her heart was consumed with grief over the loss of her husband. She took in several mortal retainers, hoping to use them to satisfy her debased appetites and to salve her grief. Strangely, the old methods failed to elicit any joy in her dead heart. Even more bizarrely, the loss of the Vicomte and her sire twisted her ministrations, forcing the protégées (as she preferred to call her subjects) to share her sadness and regret, feeling it as their own. Most broke under the mixture of physical and psychological torment, but a small handful flourished. No matter what she levied against their flesh and minds, these servants begged for more. Impressed, she eventually Embraced them, traning them in the ways of the Vitae as she had been trained.

Modern Duchagne find themselves ostracized by more careful Kindred. Rumors abound about just what the Bacchantes are capable of doing, and few wish to find out from personal experience. Indeed, the grand balls held by the bloodline on special occasions are often more than most care to see. These gatherings are used by members to parade their latest proteges, or to display particularly clever uses of the bloodline's ability to manipulate the senses.


In addition to the standard Daeva weakness, Duchagnes lose their ability to feel empathy and are quickly bored by anything that does not catch their interest anymore. All Duchagne vampires suffer from a die penalty to rolls for repeated actions. After they've done something once, they just get bored with it; they have trouble focusing their full attention and get sloppy. Any time a Duchagne does something the same way she's done it before, this penalty applies.


Vampire: The Requiem - Bloodlines of the Daeva clan

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