The DuVauge Triplets are three Orphan mages who own and operate Le Corbeau Cruel, a Hollow One chantry, in Paris, France.

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Ownership of Le Corbeau Cruel café has been in the DuVauge family for more than three quarters of a century, though before it was a café it was a mortuary. Whichever of the owners happens to be on duty will happily talk about its history. For two and a half centuries, the family ancestors received the bodies of nobility and prepared them for burial or entombment and they proudly display locks of hair supposedly taken from various noble celebrities, including the Marquise de Pompadour and Victor Hugo.

Only this most recent generation of DuVauges has ever been Awakened. Three brothers, triplets, were born to Michelle and Henri DuVauge in 1967. The brothers took over the café from their father in 1992. One by one, perhaps due to the presence of Hollow One customers, they began to Awaken. Philippe, Henri Junior, and Marius take turns running the place, each following the other for 4 months out of the year, while the other two do whatever it is mages do in their "spare" time. All three live in the apartment above the café, though Philippe tends to travel a lot when not on duty. All three are gregarious and charming. Even before their Awakening they had a psychic link that would alert them if one of the others was in danger. It was not always reliable before but their Awakening has strengthened it. Only Henri openly claims to follow the Hollow Philosophy but his brothers do not stray far from it.

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