Dry Dust is a Level 2 Treasure of the Redcaps.

Overview Edit

Redcap Dry Dust

Dry Dust is a yellowish-white powder that redcaps carry in leather pouches. As soon as the dust is put into any other container, whether it be a silk pouch or a piece of Tupperware, it looses all efficacy. No one is quite sure why this is and, frankly, few redcaps care. They just want to make sure the stuff works. Whys and wherefores rarely concern them.

The dust has a variety of uses, ranging from assisting in poisonings to crude practical jokes. Only redcaps seem to know the secret of its manufacture and the few who have been questioned about it hint darkly at having ground up human bones to make the stuff. They may be telling the truth or they may just be trying to make their interviewers uncomfortable. Either way, it speaks volumes.

Effects Edit

What the dry dust does is simple: it makes whoever ingests it (it always has to be ingested with food or drink, never by itself) ravenously hungry and unquenchably thirsty for a period of an hour. During that time the victim will attempt to eat anything, and in some cases anyone, they can get their hands on. It costs a point of Willpower to resist the urge to eat a particular item (or pet, or loved one or, well, you get the idea). At the end of the hour, the effect ends instantly.

References Edit

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