The Dreamstone of Madoc is a legendary Treasure of the Kithain.

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Dreamstone of Madoc

There are many dreamstones out there but none of the little Glamour batteries can compare with the Dreamstone of Madoc. Its origin is unknown but it was first discovered on an Appalachian ridge top by fae colonists in the 12th century. It appeared as a fist-sized moonstone, although given its nature it may have changed its appearance after eight centuries. The Glamour it focuses may "leak," causing the one closest to it to have vivid dreams they always remember on waking.

Its greatest ability, though, is the power to shape dreamstuff. A skilled Dreamcrafter can create chimerical creatures of immense power, fold the Dreaming in on itself to create pocket realms, or build a trod or gateway where there was none before. The untested rumor is that it could even find and open the way to Arcadia.

The Dreamstone was used to open a trod between Europe and the Americas, causing a war between the Nunnehi and the Welsh fae, but the stone disappeared shortly after the trod was formed, to the dismay of the sidhe it was stolen from. No one knows, to this day, what became of it except the one who stole it.

Elgin the Boggan Edit

The thief was a boggan wilder named Elgin, who saw that the nunnehi wouldn't stand for the sidhe possessing the stone; a brutal war was inevitable if the Welsh fae kept it. Elgin respected the nunnehi and did not wish the first inhabitants of the land ill.

Elgin hid the stone away, not daring to use it. Though it meant permanent exile, he was content, for he had followed his heart and his honor was intact. And so he was forgotten, until the Shattering. Then the sidhe renewed their search for the stone, as well as for any treasures or valuable souvenirs to bring back to Arcadia. A few elders of the nunnehi, who still carried their anger against the nobles, discovered the lonely boggan. They learned of his honorable sacrifice and decided to aid him. Using their magic combined with Elgin's, they hid the boggan's valley from all prying eyes. The magic also sheltered him from Banality, thus making this full fae become what modern changelings call a Lost One.

And so Elgin of the Dreamstone, forgotten by all, waits in his valley for the future to discover him.

References Edit

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