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If you knew the truths we do, you'd run from your sins. Formed as a compromise, shunned as throwbacks, the Dreamspeakers now emerge from the mists to guide the world to an awareness of its ills. Kindly if possible, by force if necessary... Now all your crimes have come upon us, my friend, and there is nowhere to run. From the shadows of the "primitive" world, the shamans come, visions in their eyes and anger in their hearts. This book, Dreamspeakers, presents their side of the nine-fold debate called the Council of Traditions. From their uneasy beginnings to their resurgence in the modern era, the Dreamspeakers have walked a steady road. To join them, you must put aside your prejudices and follow the Dream Path... Let us Dream the World Anew! The path of the shaman explained; Divisions and specialties among the Tradition's ranks; New medicine, templates, characters and more.

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