Dreams of the First Age is a boxed set of source material for Exalted Second Edition.

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Given the Mandate of Heaven to rule Creation following the Primordial War, the Exalted fashioned a Realm of unsurpassed power and glory from the world's war-ravaged remains. Though the seeds of its downfall were planted in the hearts of all the Exalted by the Great Curse, the Old Realm would stand for millennia, and its rulers would shape the future of the Exalted world. At last, the secrets of that lost time stand revealed, as you adventure as one of that era's Exalted masters.
Will you strive to preserve this halcyon time-or help to destroy it?
A boxed set for Exalted featuring:
  • Lands of Creation, a 160-page setting book that details Creation as it was during the High First Age
  • Lords of Creation, a character resource that includes everything players and Storytellers need to generate First Age Exalted characters, including high-Essence Charms for each Exalt type and stats for prominent Exalts from the period
  • A 64-page guide to the city of Meru itself, jewel of Creation and capital of the Realm
  • Unique First Age Exalted map, battlewheel and original box graphics
  • Updated errata and new Charms incorporated directly into the text. (People just looking for the errata can check out the Scroll of Errata.)



The print version of Dreams of the First Age included download codes for "digital extras" such as a map of Creation in the First Age. These are automatically bundled into the PDF version of the boxed set.

In September 2010, Lands of Creation and Lords of Creation were made available separately in digital or Print On Demand format. The guide to Meru has so far not been made available outside the bundle.

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