Dreams and Nightmare is a sourcebook for Changeling: The Dreaming that explores the Dreaming itself.


This guide takes you from the Near Dreaming to the far reaches and unexplored regions of the Deep Dreaming.
Includes new chimerical creatures and new rules for the effects of the Dreaming, plus fantastic adventures that steer you through dangers in this ever-changing land.


Introduction: A Guide to the DreamingEdit

Chapter One: The Near DreamingEdit

Chapter Two: The Far DreamingEdit

Chapter Three: The Deep DreamingEdit

Chapter Four: Realms of InterestEdit

Chapter Five: Hearth and HighwayEdit

Chapter Six: Dangers of the DreamingEdit


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Augmen, Banal Shiver, Dream Realms, Dreamstuff, Firchlis, Flesh Realm, Madness Realm, Mistweir, Nightmare Realms, Onus, Otherwhere, Paths of Balor, Reveries, Spawning Fields, Trod, Umbra, The Vale of Mists


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