The Dream Court is the Setite Founding Temple of Cairo. It is the second-largest temple worldwide and acts as a center of the adherents of the Path of Ecstasy and the House of Eclipse.


The temple is home in the labyrinthine lower system of sewage tunnels, medieval aqueducts, and cisterns, as well as byways beneath the city, and the Setites take great care and involvement in the modernization and maintenance of the sewer system of Cairo to avoid exposure. First constructed around a Nosferatu warren whose inhabitants were driven off, the Temple is centered around the sepulchre of the Sleeping Lord, a methuselah and only surviving progeny of the Scorpion King, Set's former general. Thanks to a curse from the Shapeshifters, the Sleeping Lord is a corrupted, slimy figure that spends most of its time in torpor. The local Setites rumor that the Sleeping Lords communicates in torpid dreams with the Setite Antediluvian, the only being to have ever done so. Unknown to all but the High Priests, the Dream Court is also the place where the ghouled Kinfolk of the Bubasti werecats are kept and blood-bonded with the Sleeping Lord. As the Sleeping Lord is most of the time unavailable, the day-to-day affairs rest in the hands of conjoined leadership: the sorceress Kahina communicates with the Sleeping Lord and lets the Court know the desires of its master, while Izzat al-Khunzir works to maintain security, representation to Prince Mukhtar Bey, the constant supply of vessels, and similar logistical matters.

In addition to the regular inhabitants, Setites from all over the world come to visit the Dream Court, join in its rituals, and hope for tutorship in the Path of Ecstasy. Walking through the tunnels can easily lead to disorientation, as numerous braziers and censers fill the air with smoke and the walls seem to pulsate like shifting coils. A thin but pervasive smell of blood fills the tunnels, driving vampires unaccustomed to it to the point of Frenzy. Numerous rituals are held per night, with the most important being the Reverie, which involves the sacrifice of several drugged and hypnotized humans to the Sleeping Lords. Afterward they are sent back to the city above, but act as unwitting agents for the methuselah.

Also, the Court attracts various unclean creatures, like Banes, fallen Garou, and other beings, who dwell in the outer perimeters of the labyrinth. The Fire Court accuses the Dream Court of abandoning Typhonian orthodoxy, and many Garou notice that the Taint of the Wyrm is far more prominent around the tunnels of the Dream Court than elsewhere in Cairo, lending credence to the notion that the Court has turned to Apophis over Set.


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