The Contracts of Dream are a set of changeling abilities found in Changeling: The Lost. It is a universal contract, available to any changeling who wishes to take it.

While any changeling can manipulate dreams to a degree, those who take this contract become especially talented at dream-shaping and control. Some believe that Dream contracted changelings are also better at manipulating the Hedge.


  • Menu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Pathfinder - Breaking off a Thorn and bleeding allows the changeling to learn about the Hedge in their immediate area, including the trails, Hollows, and vegetation.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Forging the Dream - While maintaining contact with their target's temple, the changeling may alter any dream to their whim.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bulletMenu bullet Phantasmal Bastion - While carrying a token gifted by an enemy, a changeling may craft dream armor for themselves.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu bullet Cobblethought - If the changeling carries a thread from their subject's sleeping gear, they may pull items from their dreams to exist in the real world.
  • Menu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bulletMenu hover bullet Dreamsteps - The changeling can travel between the dreams of two dreamers, provided they carry an item of their own craft to leave behind.


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