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A dragon is a mighty bygone creature with many different species that are all classified as dragons.



Many stories exists about their origin, but even the legends of mankind's own devising tend to recognize dragons as the Firstborn. Some scholars suggest that dragons are not, in fact, mortal creatures at all, but incarnations of Creation's own passion, harnessed by intellect and glowing with the power of the elements unbound. It's possible that the great wyrms are creatures of pure Quintessence, loose threads of the Tellurian's Tapestry crackling with raw, undifferentiated power. One myth goes so far as to claim that dragons are not of the Tapestry at all, but rather arise directly from the dark spaces between the weft and warp, where the hidden chaos of the universe is exposed. Intelligent on their own, some dragons supported the nascent Ascension War, throwing their lot either with the Council of Nine or the Order of Reason.

Dragons are fiercely protective of their individuality. Solitary and aloof, they place great value on their independence and privacy. It is said that they cannot long abide even the presence of their own kind — it's a rare occasion when two or more of the beasts deign to share a hunting ground or lair. Ancient sagas, however, do allude to a time when the great wyrms were more populous and were occasionally seen hunting or warring together. Just as we might speak of a pride of lions or a murder of crows, the magi of old tell of a desolation of dragons. Dragons usually place their lairs - or Beystras, as they are also called- in Crays, which makes them appropriate targets for wandering Magi. Each dragon lair has also a spiritual reflection, called a Proterus. Dragons usually have good relationships with the Mokole, who revere Dragon as a Totem.

During the Modern Nights, most dragons have faded away or have to hide within the Umbra, as the Consensus on Earth no longer sustains them. Some have placed their faith into a mighty spirit called the Wyrm, an embodiment of entropy and disaster.

Forms of dragons

  • Celestial dragons, that embody elements in epic forms and are more spirit than flesh
  • Classical dragons, who usually resemble the dragons of mortal myths
  • Lesser dragons, who sometimes aren't considered dragons at all, but simply variants of other reptiles


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