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Dracian is one of the many names used to describe the Ravnos Progenitor.


Dracian was the name of a thief that was Embraced by Irad in order to spy on the third generation. Irad suspected the other third generation neonates of plotting against the three members of the second generation and their sire. Dracian, for his part, took to the plot like a fish to water. He was at heart a selfish man, and becoming one of the typically selfish Cainite only deepened that trait.

Before long, however, he joined the third generation cabal that sought the heart's blood of the second generation. It is said that Dracian was the one that tempted the Gangrel Antediluvian to join, which led to the attack on the second generation. He personally led the assault against Irad. Sources do not say whether Irad (or Enosch and Zillah) were destroyed, but the Great Flood followed swiftly on the heels of the Third Generation's betrayal.

In the aftermath, each Antediluvian was cursed for his or her participation in the assault upon their sires. Dracian, as punishment for his selfishness and short sightedness, was cursed to never know satisfaction. In search of that elusive quality, he followed the one member of the Third Generation who had not been cursed into the East, to seek what that other had allegedly found.

Version Differences

According to Gypsy lore, Dracian has been appointed as the creator of a tree that was the embodiment life and knowledge, full in its age and beauty. It is said that one of the golden fruits of this Tree of Knowledge could cure the eternal thirst for blood in a vampire (as well as bestowing other unknown gifts).

Other sources claim Dracian to be a member of the second Generation, Embraced by Caine himself during his wanderings and the sire of Ravana and Ennoia, who betrayed him and was cast out of the First City as a result.

Since the demise of the Ravnos Antediluvian during the Week of Nightmares, it is certain that the truth will never come out.