The Drachid form was the near-human form of the Fera before the evolution of hominids. During the Age of Kings, breedings between the Lizard Kings created a whole race of fertile kinfolk drachid people that were used as breeding stock.

Some believe that the Drachids were the blueprint from which Gaia would derive the idea of humanity.


While the Drachid form was theoretically open to all shapeshifters, only the Lizard Kings used them extensively. Drachids shared physical characteristics. They were all bipedal, had hands with delicate fingers and opposable thumbs and was on a relatively homogenous size. It retained key features of the base animal — scales, a hard exoskeleton, or gills and webbed limbs for propulsion — but included unparalleled ability to surpass those animals in creativity and manipulating their environment.

As the Lizard Kings interbred, they created a new race of fertile drachids that resembled Metis, but had no deformations or other impedements. These drachids grew to large tribes that served and supported their clutches of Lizard kings. As the Lizard Kings mastered the Mnesis, the drachids became their subjects in the Dragon Empires that formed. As Mnesis became more and more important, the drachids found themselves in positions as second-class citizens and after the War of Dragons, they turned on their dragon masters.

The drachids did not survive the Wonder-Work. No fossil records exist, implying that they were wiped out completly.


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