The Doyen are a race of beings in the Trinity Universe that exist only as energy and are masters of psionic manipulation.

Warning! Spoilers Below!

The Doyen were the race who gifted the eight original Proxies with their psionic abilities as well as their respective Prometheus Chambers, due to concerns of humanity evolving into Aberrants. Aberrants channel quantum energies, which are naturally disruptive to the psi energy of which the Doyen are composed.

There are two "factions" within the Doyen race: the first believes that humanity should be wiped out in self-defense, while the second believes that humanity can be used as a weapon against itself. It was the second faction which appeared to the Proxies and helped them become the first psions.

The Doyen notably created Quantakinesis as an experiment. The Chitra Bhanu proxy, S.K. Bhurano was psychically controlled by a Doyen since the beginning of the order.

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