Doug Schoeneck is the leader of a kumpaniya called Spirit Creek, a coterie of various Kindred that act as a guitar band. Under Schoenecks leadership, the coterie travels between Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit. Spirit Creek traffics in information primarily, and can almost certainly offer something in return to anyone who knows something that they do not. To outside observers, the group leads a sort of "Radio Free Domain" unlifestyle, taking their underground music wherever they can play for the evening. Others suspect the group's goal is not so straightforward, however. Rumors run rampant, linking them to nomadic Sabbat packs, a band of Gangrel archons last seen active outside of Chicago, or even as the eyes for an unknown Inconnu Monitor. Perhaps more likely, the group has made no secret that they communicate with other Ravnos, using their tours as opportunities to find out what Doug's fellow Ravnos know about recent events in the clan's history.

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