Doran was a Ventrue philosopher interested in Carthage. He settled in Louisiana around 1700 and quickly became the Prince of New Orleans. Doran held this title until his demise, in 1955.


A young philosopher in his mortal days, Doran studied the desires and drives of mortal life. After the Embrace, however, he focused his attention to Kindred social structures. Doran was specially interested in his Sires' stories about Carthage and came to believe that the city could be reborn in the New World.

He settled in Louisiana around 1700, where he battled for territory with a spanish Brujah named Simon de Cosa. The skirmishes continued over time and grew into a bitter war, until Cosa vanished in 1801 leaving no trace behind.

As Prince he continued to assert his power over the domain of Louisiana, battling Mages and Lupine alike until the 1950's, when he began to raise his expectations about the future of the city. He finally decided to move on with his plan, and wanted to use the occasion of his 250th anniversary in Louisiana to harmoniously unite mortals and vampires without the deceptive veil of the Masquerade.

A few weeks after he announced his plan to his trusted allies, Doran was assassinated by an unknown assailant in the year of 1955.


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