Donovan is a Seelie Sidhe Wilder and High Lord of House Dougal.

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High Lord Donovan

Living in the Kingdom of Apples, High Lord Donovan is a striking sidhe wilder with bright-red hair. He is tall and graceful, but his skin still bears the scars left from Cold Iron filings produced by Achen during the construction of Anweyth. His eyes are now alabaster with gold; treasures of Dougal's and Fergus' devising. These eyes give him a House Gwydion member's boon to sense falsehood.

Donovan, arch-typically of his house, is known for his long silences. He has a tendency to ask few questions and then let those who ramble on do just that, which often exasperates his courtiers, especially since many kith (boggans, satyrs) have a gift of gab.

His passion lies in the construction of huge machines. Although known for the fantastic flaw of the siege device of the bard's songs, (one legendary reason House Dougal was exiled from Arcadia) he actually enjoys building wonderfully arcane construction equipment.

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