Dondinni is the Inconnu Monitor of Genoa.


Dondinni has lived in Genoa since the Dark Ages, remembering the chaos following the collapse of Rome. Dondinni proved himself quite a survivor in these times, earning him the interest of the local Nosferatu. Dondinni agreed to act as their eyes-and-ears in the mortal world in exchange for protection. Thanks to being ghouled, Dondinni survived well past his lifetime, becoming wholly dependent on Cainite vitae.

His fate changed when the First Crusade was issued and Dondinni was sent to warn the Nosferatu colonies in the Levante of the impending danger. Despite the harsh journey, Dondinni survived and returned with Hauzal, an ally of the Genoese colony. The two discovered, much to their horror, that something had killed all Nosferatu in the catacombs of the city.

The two fled to Madrid, where Dondinni served Hauzal for a couple of centuries before he accepted the Embrace. When the sects were formed after the Convention of Thorns, Dondinni and his sire choose not to involve themselves into it.  Later Hauzal revealed to Dondinni that he was an Inconnu and two decades later Dondinni was accepted into their ranks.

As the youngest member of the mysterious sect, Dondinni is often considered brash and arrogant by his superiors. He was assigned to Genoa and he is still determined to uncover the cause of the destruction of a whole Nosferatu colony. He is afraid of the impending Gehenna and believes that the Inconnu should use their influence to manipulate the sects into doing their bidding.

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