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Donald Gauntley is a Pentex executive, and was part of its Board of Directors.


Gauntley is an average-looking man in his late 80s. However, all is not what it seems. Gauntley is not really human; he is a Wyrm in possession of a human's body. Gauntley, the man, died decades before. The Urge Wyrm of Despair now controls the body. The Wyrm had used Gauntley for decades, but as the man grew older, he seemed to be developing a conscience.

Refusing to let its influence in the physical world slide, even for a short time, the Wyrm cast Gauntley out of his body and took control of it. Some of the Board members know this, but none have spoken of it. Gauntley has numerous gifts, both physical and spiritual.

Due to the fact that Gauntley is a walking corpse, he is rarely seen in public. The Wyrm has to use energy to keep the body going and prevent putrefaction.[1]

In recent decades, several Directors have fallen to internal struggles and external threats. Donald Gauntley, Elliot Meiche, Robert Allred, Frederick Kromrich, Enzo Giovanni, Danforth Stern, and James Kiker are no longer part of the Board or the company. Werewolves killed some; others found themselves fatally ousted, while a few disappeared entirely.[2]