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Dog Tags are a Level Three Pooka Treasure of the Kithain.



Back in the 1970s, a new fad developed among dog pooka. No one knows who came up with the idea, but before long, many of these changelings had jumped on the dog tag bandwagon. Using the silver identification tags placed on their collars by their families, they created treasures with which they could keep track of those they loved. Though many of the pooka who made the treasures have long since passed beyond the Mists, their tags have survived. Each tag has the name and address of the original creator upon it, perhaps explaining why they have endured for so long. These treasures serve as scrying devices through which a changeling can view anything within the immediate vicinity. They work exactly like the Tattletale cantrip (Soothsay 3) and any changeling can use them if they meet the requirements of the cantrip.


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