Doctor Coma is an Unseelie Sluagh Grump and the Seer of Goblin Town Freehold.

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Doctor Coma was a leader in the counter culture of the 1960s. He was friends with Cadmium Redd who was also once a radical populist... until it no longer served her purpose to be one. Coma now considers her a traitor to the cause. He sticks around because he considers Goblin Town to be too important to leave in her hands. He has recently discovered that Cadmium is tapping Banality and is letting word about it leak out slowly in order to pave the way for the revolution.

"Power to the People!" has been the clarion call of his life... or clarion whisper, any way. He is an anarchist in the classical sense of the word and believe that all people should live unfettered by the powers from above. That's why he's a member of the Ranters. That's also why he pretended to join Dafyll and the Royalists during the Accordance War... to disrupt them from the inside. He only wishes he had been the one who stuck the blade in the pig's back. Now he's in a position of "responsibility" in Goblin Town. Being the court seer has allowed him to subvert Redd's orders right down the line; he's succeeded in freeing many of her brain-washed human slaves. The people of the freehold are sick of the petty dictator and he knows the time is right for revolution. Maybe they'll march her head on a pike around the city like they did with Dafyll's. It'd serve her right.

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Doctor Coma

Doctor Coma is an extremely gaunt beatnik of indeterminate age. He wears the typical beat uniform of basic black, sometimes with a worn tweed jacket, and he always wears a pair of dark round sunglasses. There is often a raven perched on his shoulder. In his fae mien he is a rail-thin patch of midnight. Light seems to fall into him like a black hole. He is exceptionally tall and has straight, black, shoulder-length hair. His skin is bone-white and his eyes are like twin pieces of polished onyx. His clothes are black, trimmed with silver, and of the style worn in France during the Age of Reason.

References Edit

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