Dobrul the Brave was the founder of the Anda, a bloodline of Gangrel who rode with the Mongols during the Dark Ages.

Alleged by some to be a childe of Ennoia herself, legend says that Dobrul was in life one of the sons of Mother Itügen, the earth goddess. When Itügen came under attack by Xia demons (the Wan Kuei), Dobrul was one of her sons who stood guard at her side, waging bloody war against the demon-bandits for days on end. It was he who held the ground as she made her retreat, and he was finally struck down when a Xia shaman laid a curse on him, summoning a great fireball from the sky to strike him down. The blast did not kill him, but instead forced him deep into the earth, where the demon-shaman's curse and Itügen's embrace combined together to reshape him into a powerful methuselah. Unable to truly return to his family, he created a brood of spiritually-acclimated undead warriors in the Anda, and imparted onto them his fierce enmity for the Xia demons.

Dobrul was both the biological grandfather and the sire of Chinkhai the Fierce, and was the grandsire of Genghis Khan's bodyguard Jelme the Damned; he was likely both the father and the sire of Chinkhai's mother Yesira. His torpid body was protected by his childer (and possibly by other Cainites as well) as well as by a legion of gargantuan, hideously mutated animals. Ultimately, he was defeated by the Wan Kuei at the end of the Fourth Age, in a battle that nearly wiped out the five wu that laid siege to his haven. The survivors of those wu brought his body to Karakorum, where the Wan Kuei worked a ritual that summoned his Anda descendants to be slaughtered; this set off a purge of the Anda that is thought to have wiped out the entire bloodline by the year 1388.

Two accounts of the Time of Judgment have Dobrul the Brave rising up out of torpor in Mongolia at the head of an army of bakemono, raiding dragon nests across the Middle Kingdom. One source is a message from Three Whispers published by WTOJ on October 17, 2003. The other, from the book Apocalypse, has him awakened from torpor by the Yama King Dokhor-Khan, who had long ago experimented with transforming Cainites into akuma; like Dobrul, Dokhor had been believed (apparently incorrectly) to have been destroyed by the Wan Kuei late in the Fourth Age. Dobrul's campaign during the Apocalypse was opposed by the Stargazers and other hengeyokai.


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