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Dmitriy I was son of Ivan IV and a Silver Fang kinfolk. He was very favorable to the West, particularly Poland. He was secretly Catholic, and his marriage to Marina Mniszech, a Polish noblewoman, upset the Orthodox Clergy. The Silver Fangs were baffled until they discover that he has become bloodbound to a Polish Tzimisce. He was Embraced on May 16, 1606. Prince Vasili Shuisky, a Silver Fang infiltrated the Czar's palace on May 17, 1606. After spreading rumors that the Poles were going to kill the Czar, he kills the Czar himself.The Russian people kill 2,000 Poles in Moscow. Shuisky convinces them that Dmitriy I was an impostor, and is eventually crowned Czar. [1]


Both Dmitriy I and Mniszech are based on real people. Please see Wikipedia:False Dmitriy I and Wikipedia:Marina Mniszech for more information.


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