The Djinn are a sub-species of Spirit that dwell within the High Umbra and share some similarities with Bygones. They regard themselves as the rightful rulers of the world and look down on their spirit brethren and their narrow-minded agendas. They also have a certain dislike against humans, remembering the War of Enslavement and the humiliating magicks of the Taftani. They seem to be tied to the Web of Faith.

History Edit

The Djinn claim to be the first sentient beings and that they originally shepherded humanity and taught them gifts on how to survive. When the first Fera made their spirit alliances and Totem pacts, the Djinn refused to aid them, believing themselves superior to the Beast-men and abhorring the thought of serving another. All this changes with the coming of Suleiman and the Solomonic Code, who allowed humans to bind a djinn to their will. In 945 BCE, the djinn nobles agreed to end the human supremacy in the visible world, beginning the 10,000 Djinni Plague that were faced with a sudden change of aggression when the humans fought back and managed to capture many djinn under the leadership of Suleiman. Spiteful and outraged, many djinn allied themselves to the Infernalist Ishaq al-Iblis, the first Devil King. Even today, the relations between the Djinn and humanity are stressed, thanks to the practices of the Taftani.

Society Edit

Djinn have a complex society that is centered around their cities within the Umbra, the most famous being the City of Brass. Each city is ruled over by an caliph, usually a very old and powerful djinn, who answers to an amir, who represents the Sultanate, the central government of the Djinn. The cities usually squabble among themselves, but most conflicts usually only last a decade or are fought out by proxies in the Material World (as many Middle Eastern tribes found out).

Djinn are divided in different kinds that have different outlooks on humanity and their own purpose.

  • The Aamar are the most curious and travel frequently into the Material World to experience it and sometimes live as usual humans in their midst.
  • The Efriti are those djinn that allied with the Devil Kings and are regarded as Banes by many observers. They usually dwell within Malfeas and have an undying hatred against human society.
  • The Rajîm are djinn who are outcasts from their umbral citadels and are forced to dwell in the Material world. They are usually bitter and aggressive against humans in general.
  • The Shayateen are djinn that have committed themselves on fighting human influence in the Umbra and protecting their citadels from another War of Enslavement.
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