Django Hillrunner is an Iku Eshu Wilder in Appalachia.

Overview Edit


Django is an eshu of mixed Black and Native American heritage and the drummer and leader of the Cloudburst Black and Bluegrass Band, a motley of Unseelie rebels. The band specializes in a raucous fusion of bluegrass and African tribal rhythms filled out with the excitement of hard rock. They openly flaunt their opposition to the Seelie Court of Appalachia, calling it a pack of power-hungry posturers who lord it over the region's true majority population, the commoners. They sing songs of defiance and rage and usually mange to spark mini-riots powered by Glamour wherever they perform.

Django is an outspoken supporter of the Ranters and has participated in some of the group's less-violent revels. Certain groups among the Seelie have tried to silence him and the Cloudburst Band or capture them between gigs but Django's excellent relations with his Nunnehi cousins make such attempts difficult.

References Edit

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