Disfigurements are negative physical aspects of a Promethean's condition. Underneath the illusion of normality provided by the Azoth, a Promethean's true visage is terrible to look upon. Their true appearance is based strongly on their Lineage. A Promethean's disfigurements become briefly visible to mortals when the Promethean spends Pyros points or uses electrical current to heal wounds.

Lineages[edit | edit source]

Frankenstein[edit | edit source]

When visible, the disfigurements of the Wretched reflect their patchwork state. The stitches, staples, and electrical terminals used in their creation become visible and electricity sparks around them.

Galatea[edit | edit source]

Muses appear beautiful normally, but their disfigurements reveal their artificial nature. Galateids appear as statues, mannequins, puppets, or anything artificial with a human form. Their features become mask-like or may be painted on, and their skin will appear to be made of stone, plastic, or another appropriate medium.

Osiris[edit | edit source]

The Nepri, reflecting the place they originated, appear as mummified corpses with drawn skin, rotting flesh, and tears in their bodies where organs were removed. In addition, the part that was removed at their creation becomes more apparent.

Tammuz[edit | edit source]

As they are close to the earth, Tammuz who reveal their disfigurements appear to be made of clay or dirt, and the sigils that make up their word of creation become visible.

Ulgan[edit | edit source]

The Riven live up to their name when it comes to disfigurements; large rents appear in their flesh, from which spill the blackness of the spirit realm. Their skin grows thick and leathery, and their eyes become blank orbs of solid white or black.

Zeka[edit | edit source]

The Disfigurements of the Children of the Bomb revolve around their skin, showing effects similar to those who have been exposed to large amounts of radiation. Weeping sores, severe burns, horrific tumors, or even a complete lack of skin are known to be common.

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