The Disciplines of the Kuei-jin are similar in function to the Disciplines of the Kindred. While Kindred Disciplines are often Disciplines in name only, aspiring to use master their vampiric nature through raw power, Kuei-jin Disciplines are based on ethical and philosophic capacity. Kuei-jin Disciplines are based on elemental forces corresponding to supernatural Virtues in the Kuei-jin's body and the Chi stored in the vampire's body. Like Western vampires (Kindred/Cainites), Kuei-jin can only achieve a greater level of power by increasing their Dharma (working in a manner similar to generation, but linked to philosophical enlightenment instead of innate or diablerized power). Like with cainite disciplines there are a few combination disciplines

Kuei-jin Disciplines cannot be learned by Kindred or any other shen (supernatural creatures).


Kindred of the East Disciplines


Beast Shintai · Blood Shintai · Bone Shintai · Flesh Shintai · Jade Shintai · Ghost-Flame Shintai · Smoke Shintai · Storm Shintai

Chi Arts:

Equilibrium · Feng Shui · Tapestry · Yang Prana · Yin Prana

Soul Disciplines:

Chi'iu Muh · Cultivation · Internalize · Mibasham · Obligation · Tzu Wei

Demon Arts:

Black Wind · Demon Shintai · Hellweaving · Iron Mountain · Kiai

Bile Shintai:

Balefire Shintai · Decay Shintai · Disease Shintai · Poison Shintai · Radiation Shintai

Godbodies of the Fourth Age:

Godbody of Water · Godbody of Metal · Godbody of Earth · Godbody of Wood · Godbody of Fire


Prayer-Eating . Inward Way. Tempest of Inward Focus