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The Disciples of Anubis are an ancient sect (some claim even bloodline) of Cainites within Egypt. They trace their origins back to a Gangrel methuselah named Anpu, who was a friend and ally to Osiris in his struggle against Set. His progeny supported the Osirian League of Horus, having strong ties with both the Lupine Silent Striders and the mortal Cult of Isis.

Originally tasked by Osiris with safeguarding the Spell of Life, Anpu and his get were sent away by the priests of Isis, who did not want the proximity of so many powerful vampires. Anpu obeyed and a few hundred years later, the rite was corrupted by Set and the Bane mummies were born. Shamed, he ordered his get the job to protect the remnants of the cult and aid in keeping Egypt clean from Apophis's corruption. Tasked by their allies with the protection of one of the first Shemsu-Heru, the former Queen Hatshepsut, to ensure her undisturbed rest and the continuance of the Rite of the Sun King, the Disciples have not faltered in their duties in more than thousand years. They are known to receive dream portions from the mystical being in the Underworld named Anubis. The local nomad tribes know and accept their presence, sometimes even sending offerings to them. The Kindred of Cairo who know of them accept their existence, as long as the Disciples remain in their desert temples in the west of Egypt.

Recently, the Disciples have been troubled by the arrival of the Herald: a thin-blooded woman, pregnant and marked with a crescent moon. Knowing of the importance of the arriving child, they try to thwart the plans of the Followers of Set, who seek the child in order to revive the sleeping Methuselah under Cairo. The arrival of the Amenti and the terrors of the Dja-akh have also shattered the Rite of the Sun-King, allowing dark creatures to seep into Egypt to do their bidding. The Disciples are now dedicated to protect the reawakened Hatshepsut, aid the champions of Ma'at in their struggles and finally destroy the seven Apepnu.


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