Disbursements is a Methodology of the Syndicate focusing on financing the projects of other Conventions of the Technocratic Union as well as the Syndicate's own programs.

They deal with Correspondence and Mind, with a dose of Primal Utility.


Disbursements began as the Sun Guild, who were the financial arm of the Order of Reason and a part of the High Guild. Disbursements likes to claim that the other guilds of the High Guild formed around them, but this is not verifiable. During the Great Housecleaning, Queen Victoria tried to marginalize the Sun Guild and their influence over trade by supporting the Financiers above them and placed Disbursement in a clerical support role.

Over time, Disbursements became a shadowy influence, subtly manipulating their fellow methodologies to adopt free trade. Within the Union, Disbursements finds itself often at odds with the N.W.O, who see its influence as a threat to their own. The Dimensional Anomaly and the financial crisis of 2007 has done little to alleviate this hostility.


Disbursement funds are not simply monetary, although money is a large part of their repertoire. It also includes rare minerals, exotic staff and equipment, real estate, Primium, clones, and access to Primal Essence. The market that Disbursements maintains has its own commodity translation to ensure that each object is traded fairly.

Some see Disbursements as the hidden hand that controls the entire Union. By withholding funds or supporting studies in a specific direction, Disbursements has been known to shape certain theories and technologies to their liking. They also keep the excesses of some of the more radical Technocrats under control, avoiding collateral damage whenever possible.


Disbursements is divided into several sub-divisions:

  • Assessment Division: Assessment organizes funds and distributes them among projects. Assessors are some of the most unpopular figures of the Syndicate and are often blamed by Technocrats for torpedoing their projects and stereotyped as soulless bureaucrats. Assessment themselves maintains that it is their duty to sift through half-baked, incomplete, or even deviant projects and that they are mainly concerned with containing failed or rogue innovations before they can do harm.
  • Reorganization Division: Also called the Axe-grinders, their consultants arrive when a project has failed to make its cut. Officially, they just advise on weak links, ideas to be improved, and who in the projects is responsible for the failure. Most tend to heed their advice, since defying the Axe-grinders is a sure way to lose even more funding.
  • Procurements Division: Procurators oversee the services other Conventions give to the Syndicate in exchange for funding and how these goods are distributed among Syndicate agents. Among other Conventions, the Procurators have a low image.
  • Extraction Division: Extractors harvest Primal Essence from Nodes, are responsible for security and distillation, and then distribute it within the further Union. Some suspect that Extraction keeps some of the harvested energy for itself and sells it under the table.

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