The underworld city of Dis is the home and headquarters of the Ferrymen within the Tempest.


Even the Boatsmen’s Society does not know of Dis' origins. Some speculate that it is one of the first cities that sunk within the Tempest, while others claim that it is an Amphiskiopolis that is reflected from the Labyrinth to its surface. Greek in design, the fresh founded Ferrymen took the city as their residence. Thralls and other wraithly servitors fortified the central acropolis against the Maelstroms from below and dug deeper within the Labyrinth, enhancing the foundation of the city. After centuries of hidden work, Dis was complete, a sole outpost of the Dark Kingdom of Iron between the mindless chaos of the Tempest and the cliffs claimed by Oblivion’s servants. Even today, Dis is growing, as the Ferrymen send enthralled Spectres to reclaim buildings and artworks from the Tempest.


Dis is protected by a maze of wrecked ships, inhabited by pockets of Spectres enslaved with Nhudri’s Embrace to keep curious wraiths and hostile spectres at bay. The pathways through the maze are constantly shifting and it is nearly impossible to enter Dis without the consent of the Boatsmen's Society. Should one arrive near the acropolitan Temple that serves as a gate between the Tempest and Dis, one has to pass a door made of massive Soulsteel. After that, many tunnels and forgotten halls follow, built to inhabit a great deal more Ferrymen than are actually around, as most members of the Boatsmen's Society are focused on their mission of traveling around the Tempest to aid the Restless to achieve Transcendence. Many of these storage rooms are filled with various relics and other arcane artifacts that the Ferrymen have salvaged in their travels across the Underworld. Below lie the forges, where the robes, lanterns and weapons, as well as reed boats of the Ferrymen are forged and moliated from captured Spectres, and the Chambers of Initiation, in which new Ferrymen undergo their oaths and their Severance. At the bottom of the city, thick doors of Stygian Steel bar the way down into the Labyrinth. Despite their strength and durability, the doors have been breached thrice by assaults from the hordes below.

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