The cardinal Directions of the compass are used as the classification of the duties of Kuei-jin within the society of the Quincunx. The direction is determined with the precise astrological date when the vampire rose from the dead and then assigned by an Elder. Although today the directions are more a subtle guess than an absolute imperative, many elder Kuei-jin honor this system and strive to place all directions into a Wu to bring Balance into the group.

Direction traditionally corresponds to Yin/Yang balance—that is, high-Yin vampires are seen as being of the north or west, while high-Yang vampires take the east and south direction. These yokings are not always true, particularly in the turbulent Fifth Age, and it can be interesting to play a vampire whose balance and direction conflict.


  • North - Stereotyped as cold, just and logical, north-aspected Kuei-jin serve as judges and magistrates to their kind and usually settle disputes and hunt criminals and akuma. Their number is 6 and their color is black.
  • East - Common regarded as the ones most comfortable among humans, east-aspected Kuei-jin are regarded as farmers, cultivating scarlet screens and tending their mortal flock. Their number is 8 and their color is blue.
  • South - Known for their vicious tempers, south-aspected Kuei-jin are the dynamos of society, challenging old beliefs and keeping the Quincunx up to date. Although their fellows often consider them insufferable, they are tolerated by their Elders for their formidable intellects and fighting prowess. Their number is 7 and their color is red.
  • West - Acting as emissaries to the spirit worlds of the Middle Kingdom and occasionally as assassins for the Mandarins, west-aspected Kuei-jin are often frowned upon by their peers. They are renowned to know no mercy and fulfilling every task given- be it by a spirit, wraith or mandarin- with absolute precision. Their number is 9 and their color is white.
  • Center - Center-aspected Kuei-jin are usually tasked with guiding younger Cathayans into the nuances of their society, but many choose to explore their own soul instead, devoting themselves to dharmic enlightenment. Their number is 5 and their color is yellow.


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