Dionysius was the Prince of Athens during the Dark Ages.


Dionysius was the son of a vintner in Greece and he inherited the vineyard after his parents succumbed to a fatal illness. Determined to find a way to contact his family again, he eventually met a cult that worshipped Persephone and was rumored to be able to contact the Underworld.

He underwent their procedures and later announced that he had met Persephone herself and that she was displeased with her followers. He took control of the cult and allowed everyone who came before them to contact a lost relative again. This attracted the notion of the Cappadocians and Japheth himself came and visited Dionysius. After a long discussion, Japheth Embraced the young man. Dionysius, however, did not fall in with the morbid habits of his clan, refusing the Road of Bones in favor for the Road of Humanity as set down in the Pact of Athens.

Caring for the living and dead alike, he freely gave them from his vineyard, buried the poor, and kept many contacts among the living, dead, and undead alike. Eventually, he was proclaimed Prince of Athens. When Constantinople fell, Dionysius searched for ways to secure Greek independence from the fleeing Cainites, among them many adherents of Road of Kings and rivals to his Road.

It is very likely that he fell during the Giovanni pogrom.


Some of the feats accomplished by this character were later claimed by The Dionysian as his own. The Malkavian methuselah is a known liar, however.

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